2003-11-04NAKANO Takeo translated the HOWTO into japanese.
2003-07-28Ricardo Javier Cardenes reports that the Spanish translation is done!
2003-07-26 Started updating several sections based on the massive amount of email that concerned readers keep sending me, thanks! Added Thomas Graf as a section author in recognition for his work on the OSPF and BGP chapters.
2002-11-00 A spanish translation is appearing here.
2002-11-08IPSEC IN LINUX 2.5.47! Read all about it here.
2002-07-20Hate so called 'opt-in' spam? Visit this page or the local mirror. Even better, submit addresses of known opt-in spam supporters!
2002-07-07Moved the IRC channel #lartc to irc.oftc.net - a very down to earth IRC network without operators begging for financial support. If you are new to IRC, give it a try. An excellent irc client is irssi. IRC archives will be back soon!
2002-06-29Ottawa Linux Symposium 2002 presentation Linux Traffic Control for the User and Developer online!
2002-05-15Finally replaced the malfunctioning server. Thanks to Dave Aaldering of Hubris we quickly found a new one. We are very confident that we will now be up >99%.
2002-04-15Wondershaper 1.1 released
2002-04-11Thanks to Arthur van Leeuwen we finally have a good section on how to combine multiple internet links succesfully. Today is also FLAG DAY! I've shifted to DocBook and all 'deep links' are now dead. The good news is that DocBook has features to make deep links more robust, so expect some nice URLs soon.
2002-03-15Psssst! Sneak preview of what I've been doing the past year and a half or so: the PowerDNS not-for-profit release. In other news, the tea crisis has subsided. Family went to the UK and brought a year's supply of tea.
2002-03-10Started migration to DocBook! I think the PDF looks a lot better. The HTML isn't bad either. Text needs some work though. Let me know what you think!
2002-02-23Moved to lartc.org!
2002-02-19Spam. Due to a broken IPv6 patch, our postfix has been an open relay somewhere in January. It was fixed promptly, but we're still trying to get out of a lot of spamlists. Relays.osirusoft.com keeps on listing us, we hope they will get round to removing us soon. This may be the cause of mail not arriving. I'm trying to move postfix to another local interface, stay tuned. Update: We are now no longer listed as an open relay, but as a 'testblocker' now, which is weird, but mail should be arriving again!
2002-02-07Back from holiday. Bought lartc.org, will bring it in service soon. New Polish translation!
2002-01-13Downtime. I returned home yesterday evening in what might be described as a 'highly entertained' state and accidentally shut down outpost instead of my laptop. Also, I'm on holiday from beginning this week until early February. So expect some silence.
2002-01-04We now have a favicon! Stolen from www.kernel.org. In other news, I've been painting the house and I'm busy at work so it has been a bit quiet. But I'm still there, don't worry.
2001-12-10Added The Wonder Shaper, which allows you to retain very low latency while doing very fast up- and downloads. You can even do both at the same time, but then latency suffers. Added logs for the irc channel which is already seeing some traffic.
2001-12-10The manpages now include a huge CBQ page. Read it and weep.
2001-12-09We now have an IRC channel, #lartc on irc.openprojects.net. Join #lartc to chat about Linux & Routing & Shaping!
2001-12-06Finished documenting policing filters, added short piece on Generic Random Early Detection queueing. This is a major release and as such some things are changing. We are no longer the '2.4 HOWTO', the canonical name now is 'Linux Advanced Routing & Shaping HOWTO', the canonical URL is http://ds9a.nl/lartc. Bumped the version number to 0.9.0. Now is the time to help us spot mistakes, I'm going to push the HOWTO to the LDP somewhere next week, I want it to be perfect then. Oh, and we re-licensed under the Open Publication License, which increases your freedom as a user.
2001-12-03All other queueing disciplines are now documented as well. Furthermore, 'hashed filtered queueing' (last section) is also explained. Some chapters were shuffled, this chapter is mostly new: 14. Advanced & less common queueing disciplines. Chapter 9 was improved a lot too. Only policing filters are next!
2001-12-01CBQ is now nearly completely documented. And how shaping works in general as well. Big reorganization. Read all about it here!
2001-11-28Lecture was given to a pretty full room, read more about it here.
2001-11-22Mailinglist has been back for a while and is in full swing again. Server broken again, due to crappy 1U case design we are seeing CPU temperatures of 80C. In contact with vendor. Bert Hubert will be giving a lecture about CBQ during this year's Linux Kongress , you need to be there. There will be a tremendous Netfilter/iptables presence!
2001-09-11New server! If you can read this, it works. Expect the mailinglist to return shortly.
2001-09-09Server still broken, supplier has so far managed to ship a broken system twice. New hardware has just arrived, so we hope to be back soon.. Apologies for having the mailinglist down for so long...
2001-07-17Our server broke down, badly. Mailinglist defunct. Very unhappy
2001-07-15New tentative document about 'auto loadbalancing'. Might become a chapter, or a separate project one day
2001-07-13Bert, Jasper and Remco will attend HAL2001, a hackers conference. We're all in the FHQ committee who are arranging for the 1gbit/s internet uplink on the campground, we look forward to seeing you there!
2001-03-11Information on Path MTU Discovery problems, and more obscure settings documented
2001-02-09Some new additions, but the major news is that our PDFs finally look good! Get our Makefile and see how it is done. To celebrate, we bumped the version number to 0.3.0.
2000-10-07Shaping with Linux certainly seems to take off, the authors of this HOWTO are flooded with questions. So we decided to start a mailinglist.
2000-08-11: ڹ <darchon@wyzsoft.com> has started a Korean translation of the HOWTO! You can find it in the download section
2000-07-07There is now, and has been for some time, a French translation of the HOWTO! I found an announcement somewhere in the dark unexplored reaches of my mailbox, which had been there for 2 months. I'm terribly sorry about this.
2000-05-26Abandoned the 2.4 Networking HOWTO and merged useful content back into the Advanced HOWTO. I feel bad about this, but the 2.4 Networking HOWTO was not taking off. If anybody feels like it, please take over. The good news is that the Shaping HOWTO is still progressing and appears to be very popular.
2000-04-10Paul B Schroeder joins as author of the Linux 2.4 Networking HOWTO
2000-04-04We have been mentioned on several other websites. Today we received pageview 50.000. Also added joblist.
2000-04-01Remco van Mook contributes GRE tunnel chapter & joins as author
2000-04-01Submitted the Advanced HOWTO to the Linux Documentation Project and added a license to the HOWTO.
2000-03-30Linux 2.4 Networking HOWTO split off. This means that the 'iproute2' chapter in the Advanced HOWTO has moved to the new HOWTO
2000-03-28Martijn van Oosterhout <kleptog@cupid.suninternet.com> joins as author
2000-03-28Fixed anonymous CVS access
2000-03-27We are mentioned on Linux Weekly News and on Freshmeat. Oh, and yet again lots of new material :-)
2000-03-26Lots of new material - if we keep growing at this rate, the HOWTO will soon be bigger than the Linux kernel!
2000-03-26Added ton of formats with automated building
2000-03-25CVS access available
2000-03-25Shaping cookbook added, chapter describing qdiscs
2000-03-24Gregory Maxwell <greg@linuxpower.cx> joins HOWTO team
2000-03-24Updated HOWTO with references to BGP/OSPF documentation
2000-03-23Initial version online